what did you know about counseling,i guess people will say giving an advice….i’m afraid that is not the right answer..as for me,before i’ll also answer something like that  but then i knew it is not really accurate. Counseling is a proses of which to help others help themselves to make a better choices and become better choosers of options..

The question now is that what are the skills of  an effective counselor?…the first skill that should be gain by a conselor was to be a non-judgemented person, what is meant by this actually??…In my understanding of this skill is not to judge people easily or not to give a title to his/her problem like you do the right thing or you’ve done something wrong…counselor should not have this kind of  judgement, but need to have a skill that can make the client understand himself/herself that what is he/she done whether right or wrong..

Second skill is having warmth….what is this??having warmth is accept someone with no terms or regulation. Then,the other skill is genuineness which is talk the truth and also can keep someone secret which is being discretion to others.